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Naked Black Forrest Cake

It has been a long time since Mark and/or I have posted anything on our website. We decided not to eat forever. Okay, not really. We have just been really terrible bloggers. We have had some pretty good food outings but would remember half way through the meal to take pictures, or to even think about the blog. But I am hoping we can do better!

So to start it off, I am doing a different kind of post and talking about a cake I recently made! On Thursday, I had zero plans and the smoke made it really hard to want to go out and explore, so I decided to stay in and make a cake. I have been wanting to make a cake like this for a while, so tonight was the night!

This cake was a very simple cake to make, and yes, I cheated. I used a chocolate cake mix as a base for the cake. I used my 8 inch cake pans and was really surprised that the cake didn’t have more volume, they rose about an inch before they domed, so I went with two layers instead of four.

I decided to try and make a ricotta cheese whipped cream- it mostly turned out. I think I would make it again but would throw it into a food processor to help make the ricotta smooth. I didn’t really use exact measurements, about a cup of ricotta, about 3/4 a cup whipping cream, three rounded tablespoons of icing sugar and a splash of vanilla. I whipped them all together and it tasted great, but again, the texture of the ricotta wasn’t smooth. Using ricotta was nice because it really cut the sweetness of the cherry layer.

For the cherry layer, I just used a can of cherry pie filling! I made my layers cake, ricotta whipped cream and then cherry, then repeat! To top it off, I used dulcey chocolate shavings from Jacek.

If I made this again, I would change it slightly. I would puree the whipped cream, use fresh mixed berries and a dark chocolate shaving on top. Regardless, this cake went over well and tasted great! It was a splendid way of to spend the night. Naked Black Forrest Cake


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