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Cafe Mosaics

This restaurant specialises in vegetarian and vegan food. I think this place gets vegetarian food right in that they are creating dishes with vegetarian ingredients from the start, rather than simply removing or substituting vegetables in place of meat.

ICafe Mosaics ended up ordering their version of an eggs benedict, with a vegan “hollondaise” sauce and very non-vegan egg on top. I was
very sceptical of the hollondaise, in no small part because the server had no idea what it was made of. Vegan “hollondaise” sauce made without butter… I’m fairly certain butter is the principle ingredient in hollondaise, so I don’t know what I was eating, but it was surprisingly close to hollondaise and quite creamy. It had all the lemon flavour and texture of real hollondaise, and was every bit as satisfying.

Underneath the simple egg was a base made of potato, yam, onion, and zucchini which all mixed well and were cooked to a soft texture. It was a gentle blend that allowed each to stand out without dominating the profile. It worked very well to provide a texture base for the rest of the dish while still allow the hollondaise to be the focus. For me at least. The plate also came with a side grapefruit half covered in a salty and sugary coat. Citrus is always a good pair with the salt and creamy nature of hollondaise, which prevents dulling of the palate with a hollondaise coat from bite to bite.

Overall I was quite pleased with my almost vegan eggs benedict. It was a well planned and executed meal which I think expanded my borders somewhat on what hollondaise, my favourite of the basic french sauces, can be.



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This entry was posted on July 19, 2016 by in Food! (in Edmonton).
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