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Red Ox Inn- Late birthday dinner

This year, I finally figured out where Red Ox Inn is! I have heard of the restaurant before, and looked at the address but always thought, where is this place? Once I started taking my friends puppy, Charlie, on walks through her neighbourhood, I stumbled upon it. In a small line of buildings off Connors Road, there are a few small businesses, one local, my friend Stephen, loves a few of the establishments. After consulting with him, it was decided- that would be where Mark and I would go for my 29th birthday dinner for two.

Red Ox Inn has a rotating menu, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived. We agreed to bi-pass the appetizers for the meal, because the entrees price started at about $30 and none of the appetizers really called too much attention to them. We rarely, very rarely, order the same meal. It seems silly when we ‘could’ split two entrees, then again, somethings are not fun to share. So we both went for the duck breast- I am so happy I didn’t need to share it.

The duck breast was a little on the small size compared to other times I have ordered it, but it was cooked perfectly. The skin was well seasoned and slightly crispy, the inside a nice pink colour, tender and juicy. Thinking about it right now is making me salivate. The breast was on a small bed of farro risotto, pureed carrots, smoked beets and roasted pear. I am not a huge fan of farro risotto and much prefer normal risotto made with rice. Otherwise I find some places label items as risotto because they cook the grain in that style, but it doesn’t impact the texture and taste of the grain as much as it does for rice. The pureed carrot was lovely, it was slightly sweet which reminded me of carrots I use to steal from my moms garden. There were a few pieces of beet, that didn’t really taste smoked and I would have loved to have more of it. The pear was tasty, but I felt that it was really out of place in the meal and could have done without it and had more beets instead.

For me, this meal was the perfect portion and I left very satisfied. No left overs this time! I would definitely go back to Red Ox Inn. I may even go back just for the duck after writing this review.


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