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Sandwich & Sons


IMG_1250Another great addition to 104 street… Welcome Sandwich and Sons. After talking to the owners, it sounds like this is a huge hit at lunch with the downtown crowd. I stopped in on a rainy night on my way to an event on 104 street with a Jacek co-worker. The place was very quiet, and that made the service quick and efficient.

I knew before I arrived that I wanted to order the chicken sandwich. For me, it is always a treat to be able to order anything with stuffing and cranberry sauce when it isn’t the Christmas season. Wait… chicken with stuffing and cranberry?! Isn’t that suppose to be turkey?! Well move over turkey, because this combination is amazing. The chicken was slightly dry, but the sandwich didn’t have a dry taste because of the addition of the stuffing, cranberry sauce and… wait for it… gravy. The gravy really pulled the sandwich together for me. This was served on a torpedo roll, which really just means it looks like a submarine sandwich to me. Sometimes people worry about the bun to everything else ratio on sandwiches, but just look at the picture, there was so much everything else! This was really a large sandwich that was easily two meals for me. IMG_1249

The sandwich came with some house made chips that were pretty good. I must say there was too much seasoning salt on them for me, but I know some people love it.

This was a sloppy meal, but very good. I will definitely return while I am out on 104th for a quick meal and try one of the many other sandwiches they serve… I have already heard amazing rumblings about their BLT and Grilled Cheese. See you soon Sandwich & Sons!



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