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Farrow is a well reviewed place for sandwiches, so we decided to put in our two cents as well on a day when we had a hankering for meat sandwich. I decided on the pulled pork sandwich.

IMG_1425The flavour of this sandwich was centred around acidity and tang, which is not usually what I’m looking for in a good pulled pork sandwich but I was okay with in this case. The barbeque sauce was a bit sweet, with more tang. Generally I am not a fan of coleslaw ruining what is usually a good sandwich of meat, but in this case I didn’t mind it. It wasn’t too mayonnaise heavy, but was instead added more tang (yep, more tang) to the flavour. It was sloppy, but not too sloppy. The bun was a soft Portuguese bun, which was nicer than a simple bun. The pork was decent. Overall the quality of ingredients was solid, but I have to say the processed cheese was a let down and seemed like a poor choice. An aged cheddar or smoked cheddar would have been ideal, but even any real cheese would have been better.

I have to say it was a good sandwich, but certainly not exceptional.



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