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Huma Mexican Comfort Food

IMG_1444I’m a big fan of the complex flavours of good Mexican food, and Huma delivered. I had a pork cemita and slow roasted pork tacos.

The chefs at Huma put together their own salsas, all of which are fantastic. The mild version is a red pepper based salsa, but still has a solid amount of heat. It was rich and very flavourful, going well with pretty much everything. The moderate version was a classic tomatillo. The spiciest was a creamy avocado and jalapeno salsa, which packed quite a bit of heat. All three had enough flavour to add complexity to any of the tacos.

IMG_1445The Tacos Arabes were slow roasted pork based tacos with complex, and deep flavours that were very satisfying. The spicy sauce with it was spicy and a bit smokey, with even more flavour.

The cemita was a solid sandwich and filling. The pork was well seasoned, though not as complex as the slow roasted meat. Avocado and queso fresco added a smooth texture and harmonizing flavour.

Simple cucumber and radish side was a good palate cleanser and a break from the complex and spicy flavours of the meat and salsa.


We had a Mexican date night! Mark has been talking about going to Huma for a while now, but it has been hard to plan with busy schedules. We fit it in as a date before our yearly Fringe-iversary- aka, six year anniversary of going to the Fringe together, our first date together.

I went all out for tacos at this dinner. I tried the Tinga de Pollo- because I love me some chicken. It was so delicious! It was a really solid amount of meat, with little else going on, which is not bad! But I also love cheese, so that was a slight disappointment. My second taco was Carnitas. I am a chicken lover, but this was better. I love, love, loved the lime squeezed onto the pork taco. Again, this was predominately meat taco, no cheese, but some onion and cilantro to add some texture. My favorite taco, wasn’t even mine, but I managed to steal a few bites out of Mark’s Taco Arabes. The meat in it had the best flavour out of the three, very complex and rich.

I can’t handle the heat like Mark, so the only salsa I enjoyed was the mildest one, the red pepper based one. I enjoyed it on all my tacos because it had such a lovely heat and flavour.

Will I go back, yes. 100% yes. The only downside is the location, but it filled up quickly on a Friday, had pick-up and to-go options and also sold the salsas. Thank you Huma for delivering awesome Mexican food.



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