A Full Bowl & A Little Spoon

Follow Mark and Theresa's adventures with food!

About Us

Theresa- I use to be terrible at cooking. It took me a while to master Kraft Dinner. Once I tried to cook brownies in a toaster oven that I tin-foiled shut, definitely not a great idea. Then I started watching cooking shows. It started with Iron Chef, except for the seafood episodes, that I would instantly turn off, I was drawn to the show. It made me think, I can do this! Clearly I don’t mean ‘this’ as in pulling off amazing meals in limited time, but I thought that I could still give cooking a shot. So I started watching more cooking shows and slowly started trying out meals in the kitchen. Now I really enjoy trying out new recipes, and I also discovered that I really like feeding people. It works out really well because Mark really likes eating!  He has brought a lot of joy to food for me because of how much he enjoys it. Together, we love going out for meals and writing our reviews. While we are not experts, it is something that is fun and we hope it is helpful to others.

Mark- Quit snoopin’!  I like food. I thought it might be fun to really dive into trying new food places, so a blog seemed like a good idea. I’m also using it to post my notes on cheese. I like cheese.

Please enjoy our blog, make comments, ask questions and love food.


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