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 Aged Farmhouse

(Natural Pastures, Comox, B.C.)Aged Farmhouse Natural Pastures

Moist and somewhat crumbling like a moist cheddar. Could have a bit more crumble because this smeared a bit. Good bold flavour which was complex without attacking me, but could be longer on the finish.

Alberta Mature Gouda

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Yellow-orange inner with an orange rind. Consistent buttery texture. Buttery and slightly nutty taste. Hard texture, slightly dried out and flakes a bit due to its age.

Applewood smoked cheddar (BC)

(source: at The Bothy via Paddy’s cheese)

White, hint of yellow colour. Semi-firm cheddar. I was not super impressed with this cheese. This one was not at all smokey. It was a smoother, fairly mild cheddar. However it was still good, but not as rich as I was hoping for.      But then I’m a sucker for rich, full, flavourful cheeses.


(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Dense, hard, but still melts in the mouth somewhat to more of a semisoft. Fairly mild at first, but the flavour builds gradually to a much later peak and leaves a lasting impression. Pale yellow coloured with a hard, waxy rind. It’s quite aromatic and you can smell it as you bring it to your mouth. I like the sneakiness of this cheese. First you are given an appetizer from its smell, then it quietly builds to a surprisingly satisfying finish.

BoerenkaasBoerenkaas - smoked

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

semi-hard, golden colour, more brown on the rind

Very smooth texture. I almost expected it to melt in my mouth. It was surprisingly creamy for a gouda, and milkier towards the middle. It was typically nutty, but had a pleasingly smokey overtone, especially near to the rind. This was a very falvourful cheese with an excellent texture.

Cabra al RomeroCabra Al Romero

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

White, rosemary rind, slight acidity characteristic of goat cheese, firm rubbery texture, milky, smooth goat cheese


(source: Paddy’s cheese)

fused crumbled curds texture, milky, fermented taste, pale white, brown rind, some mold invasion in inner rind area

smooth taste, some sharper lactic notes at back of mouth early, smooth finish

semi hard

similar to Lancashire, but with milder lactic acidity


(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Aged goat cheese made from pasteurized milk. Made in Quebec. Very salty and acidic. Has a tanginess and harsh flavour that attacks your tongue. Crumbly texture, but moist and a little greasy. White.


(source: Paddy’s cheese)

powdery, dry, very lactic, acidic, salty, orange

The colour is much more orange than the lancashire, but a faded orange. It’s crumbly like the lancashire, but less moist and more powdery. Almost dry when put in your mouth. Early the taste is reminiscent of alcohol fermentation, then a mild finish.

Elite – Goat cheese (Cranberry and Port)Elite - Goat Cheese (Cranberry and Port) - Woolwich Dairy Inc.

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Soft, unripened, pasteurized, goat cheese.

Very similar to the BC Salt spring island goat cheese. This one had a port and cranberry syrup on the bottom.


(source: Paddy’s cheese)

White colour. crumbly, almost powdery, but moist when put in your mouth. I really like the taste of this one. Not sure how to describe it well though!

Gruyere (cave-aged)Cave aged Gruyere

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Hard, aged, Swiss cheese that is cooked, pressed, and has a washed rind. Golden yellow. Smokey and nutty notes, especially nutty on the rind. The taste comes on strong and stays consistently strong with a long and pleasing aftertaste.


(source: Paddy’s cheese, Italian Centre)

Hard, pressed, sheep cheese from Spain.

from italian store: very bland, not as creamy. Paler white, dull, texture is drier and more rubbery. Disappointing.

from Paddy’s: Manchego goodness. Creamy, buttery, and delicious.

Munster LisbethMunster

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Semisoft, washed rind cheese. Yellow-orange, some holes. Spreadable, smooth cheese. Rind is darker orange, chalky, and has a chalky mouthfeel that I didn’t like very much.Strong smell, musty mold smell. Compared to the smell, the taste is actually very mellow. It is a fairly consistent buttery taste without much aftertaste. The rind adds much more of a bite to the tongue, which can spice up the cheese, or it can be a smoother cheese without it.

Pepper Brie

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

White and creamy like a Brie should be. Pepper chunks blast you in the face because the pepper taste because they are full peppercorns interspersed in the inside. I had one caught in the back of my throat and didn’t care for it.

Petit BasquePetit Basque

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Hard, pressed, aged sheep cheese from France. Flavour comes on slowly, but evolves and builds up on you as it sits in your mouth, leaves a long aftertaste. Creamy and smooth texture. Cloudy, yellow-white. Smokey notes and nuttiness.

Piave vecchio

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Hard, dry, flakes apart, possibly because it’s an older cheese. Early the taste is maybe a bit smokey? I wasn’t really sure what was going on in this cheese. There were a lot of overlapping flavours I don’t have enough experience to identify. Pale yellow with a hard waxy rind.

Prima Donna (Netherlands)

(source: at The Bothy via Paddy’s Cheese)

This was white with a bit of yellow hue. It was fairly firm, somewhat flakey texture. It was likely fairly aged. It was very similar to Beaufort or maybe an aged Gruyere. It had a nutty tone. Almost like a Gruyere infused with a    Pecorino.

Regale de Bourgogne

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

This is a very creamy (like a triple cream) semi-soft cheese. Cranberries add a bit of sweetness and more complex flavour to the excellent creamy texture of the cheese, without overpowering the flavours of the cheese itself. The cheese has a slightly acidic milky taste which is very satisfying. Mouthfeel texture is neither pastey nor gummy, rather it is appropriately balanced for a semi-soft.

Salt Spring Island goat cheese (Lemon)Salt Spring Goat Cheese (Lemon)_3

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Soft, fresh goat cheese from Salt Spring Island, B.C., made from pasteurized milk. Cheese is still holding a lot of liquid, but not runny at all. Very spreadable. Lemon, zesty, refreshing, and acidic. I like their basil version better though,

Smoked Boerenkaas

(Natural Pastures, Comox, B.C.)Smoked Boerenkaas Natural Pastures

Buttery, nutty, and smoked flavours. Lacked depth (maybe because it was pasteurized). Texture was a bit too smearing – lacked the crumbly firm hold of a good Boerenkaas.

Stilton blue cheese

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

Yellow-white with blue-green mold marbling. Hard brown rind which has a strong pine mold taste and is not very tasty. The inner cheese is soft and slightly crumbly, but less than the cheshire of lancashire, though it melts in your mouth similarly. The taste is forceful right off the bat, then slowly tapers off leaving more complex tastes and a long lasting impression. The early tastes are a bit of fermented alcohol and moldy tastes forming an early peak. The later tastes are complex and there is a lot going on with a a second peak of flavour. The lasting impression is almost smokey. I liked the complexity of this cheese compared with the others.

Tomme de SavoieTomme de Savoie_2

(source: Paddy’s cheese)

semi firm, creamy, buttery, some nutty, washed rind, moldy bitterness close to rind, creamy middle

seems past prime – invasion of mold taste towards centre

Has a bit of a pine taste due to the mold on the rind. This is much more noticeable closer to the rind. Smooth and very consistent texture, which is a contrast to the more crumbly lancashire and cheshire cheeses. Milky yellow interior, grey-white mold which pierces the cheese in parts. A few holes inside the cheese. Slightly smokey hints, with buttery taste and texture similar to a gouda.


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